Every day new ideas are transformed into projects that make our work special.

Emotions, creativity and innovation to write the story of the “VIRAL for local communities” project: virtual reality in the world of education is a growing reality, and we partners are well aware of its potential.

Learning has never been so exciting!

Virtual reality (VR) used in the field of language teaching and interculturality, opens up fascinating scenarios, especially in the eyes of younger people.

What changes in education with the use of innovative technologies?

Let’s imagine a VR video in everyday situations that helps us get into context and learn phrases and vocabulary in a fun and immersive way. The applications can be truly endless and very stimulating.

Through a smartphone it is possible to learn while having fun but above all by breaking down the limits sometimes represented by fears and fears that prevent learning: with the 360 ​​° visit of the places, students can interact with the context by accessing different contents, but the virtual dimension it protects them from the impact with reality that sometimes, depending on the circumstances, may not be so easy to deal with.

The wow effect is amazing, especially in the eyes of the younger generations, who are more interested in the topics addressed during classroom lessons, or at home when studying.

The Make section of the “Cross Cultural Toolbox” contains simple guides that illustrate the creation of videos in virtual reality and how to write a screenplay. You will discover that anyone, even without special technological knowledge, can shoot a video in virtual reality, that the costs are very low and that the educational possibilities it offers are endless.