Introduction to local services
Language: Romanian/ Immigrants` first language
Participants: Immigrants living in local communities
Location: indoors; conference room equipped with chairs
Tools: paper map of the region, cards with names of different services and facilities, presentation with photos/ movies on Romanian local traditions and customs projector and screen, VR glasses, markers, ball for warm up activity, stick-it cards, attachment 1
Duration: 90 min
Video Title: “There is always an amicable solution” video A (scene 1 and scene 3-> only with PEACE final scene ; skip “War” final scene)


Theoretical Framework:
short introduction to local community services/ facilities, local customs and traditions



To build knowledge about and familiarise with Romanian local services and facilities

To familiarise with Romanian local customs and traditions

To foster emotional security among immigrants

Specific goals` taxonomy according to Bloom

A) Cognitive goals:

  • to learn about Romanian local services

  • to educate about Romanian local customs and traditions

  • to educate about Romanian everyday routines in terms of using local services and facilities

B) Emotional goals:

  • to ensure emotional security in terms of using local services

  • to feel welcome and integrate within local community

C) Psychomotor goals:

  • to prepare for fighting stereotypes of local Romanian customs and traditions

  • to develop readiness to participate in local life


Learning Outcome:

LEARNING OUTCOME: acquaintance with local services, customs and traditions


Methods Used:

METHODS USE: discussion, active learning methods, VR movies, drama

Trajectory of the teaching process


The following teaching session aims to introduce immigrants with local environment. During the session participants will be familiarised with different local services and facilities as well as local customs and traditions. Throughout VR movies they will immerse into Romanian beauty centre and its everyday routines.

Warm up game: “Tell me the story of your name” game. Presenter holds the ball and tell the story of his/her name – for example its meaning, who gave him/her name or how much he/she like it. After short story he/she throws the ball to another participant asking the questions: What is the story of your name? Participants throw the ball until everyone had the opportunity to tell few words about his/her name.

Available Activities:
Activity Title Activity Description
Before video watching

Leading person gives short presentation with photos/ movies and comments on Romanian local traditions and customs – depending on region it may be for example: local food, local festivals, local educational/ cultural facilities etc.

Presenter welcomes any questions and discussion.

Before video watching

Cultural mapping

Leading person presents map of the region and invites participants to mark/spot places they know, for example: shops, restaurants, cultural/ educational centers, sport facilities, services. Participants share they knowledge and feelings about those places. Leading person completes the maps with other spots that hasn`t been marked so far and tells the story about them.

Presenter welcomes any questions and discussion.

Video watching

Watching the VR movie “There is always an amicable solution” does not need any preparatory tasks.
However, the participants should be instructed to pay attention on dialog between a man (customer) and a women (cosmetician) as well as a reactions of other customers.

After watching the video participants are asked to write down on separate colorful stick-it cards 5 different expression connected to emotions they felt.

After watching the video

Sharing emotions

Presenter divides the group into teams of 4-5 participants (from different cultural background if possible) and organises separate space to work for them. Presenter can use support cards - asking questions like: “How did you feel?”, “What did you like?”, “What did you not like?”. The support cards may help participants reflect on the video and come up with expression.

Each group of participants sits into the circle and puts in front of themselves 5 stick-it cards with their own notions. Presenter delivers to each group the colorful sheet of paper in the shape of circle (called “the sun” - Attachment 1) with the following words written in the middle: “emotions” and place it in the middle of group. One person form the group shares the expression and explains what it means. The person puts his stick-it cards in front of “the sun” – each of them need to stick to the circle creating “sun with its rays”. Another person read aloud his expression and place it next to “the sun” - if the expression is the same as one of previous or comes from the same category it goes next to the previous ray making it longer. If it new it creates new ray. All participants from the group share their expressions.

After finishing teams discuss their impressions in the forum: what was new, what was important, what was surprising, what they liked, what they did not liked, what they do not understand ect. Each team shares its reflection and “sun” with other groups in the forum.

It is important that presenter explains everyday routine and customs of local businesses and services. Participants are welcome to share their own stories from their cultural backgrounds.

After watching video

Drama activities
Participants stays in teams. Presenter hands to each team manuscript of dialogs form the beauty centre. Partcipants are encouraged to play scenes and roles. After these exercices presenter hands cards with random services/ facilities names to each group. Teams are asked to play little scenes in those places in th forum the way they feeel them - with no big preparation and rehearsal.
After finishing the task presenter checks the ideas (it is possible to use Powerpint presentation to introduce solutions, routines, dialoges). Presenter makes kind comments on the rutines and reality of those places. Discussion is welcome. Teams are encourgae to make amendments to their scenes and play them again.
Presenter welcomes any questions and discussion.

Sum Up

Sum Up:

Presenter sums up what the group has discussed and learnt during the session. It is time for free questions, too. Presenter introduce the homework.

Voluntary homework task: Visit one of the services/ facilities in your local community. Say hi and get info on its working time and offert.


Type Description File
VideoThere is always an amicable solution” video A (scene 1)
Video“There is always an amicable solution” video A (scene 3 PEACE final scene)
DocumentoAttachment 1 - “the sun” template
DocumentoAttachment 2 LEARNING ACTIVITIES