News collection concerning the use of Virtual Reality technology in adult education

Virtual Reality: when reality becomes believable

Virtual Reality: when reality becomes believable. The new technological achievement is the recreation part of the real world through the PC.   Εικονική πραγματικότητα: όταν το αληθινό είναι αληθοφανές

Real Uses of Virtual Reality in Education

VR technologies proved to be highly effective in the realm of education because they provide students with all the necessary means to develop communication skills, enhance the real-life experience, support specific needs of the disabled people, and develop empathy. Gli usi concreti della Realtà Virtuale…

Adult Learning Courses can be Improved with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) could be the advancement the industry has been waiting for. The benefits of VR and AR for adult learning are revolutionary. The combination of experiential learning and accessibility make these emerging technologies serious contenders to shake up learning systems….

ERASMUSDAY 2019: VIRAL for Local Communities is there!

ERASMUSDAY 2019: VIRAL for Local Communities is there! Erasmusday 2019. VT test point at S.Croce sull'Arno Public library VIRAL for Local Communities participates to the Erasmusday 2019. A VR test point can be visited at the public library in S.Croce sull'Arno. We are one of...

VR: a new frontier / VR: una nuova frontiera

VR: a new frontier Our research on the state of art never stops. On the web we’ve found a very interesting new about how to use VR in adult education and not only… as in this case: VR enters in a retirement home for the…