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“Acquisition of language skills”

Meeting Your new family doctor

Plot: the patient is a new comer in town and in the country. He arrives from a foreign country and he is a “migrant”. He is supposed to speak a little of the language of the host country so that the communication with the doctor is not too complicated.


“Overcoming barriers and hostile attitudes”

Help or not help?

Plot: a newly arrived migrant in the host country is in front of the reception desk in a medical center. He needs some information but he still doesn’t speak the language correctly, just a few words. Communication between them is completely impossible and other people waiting wait to show impatience while they wait for their turn and, because of the migrant, they lose time.


“Creating empathy”

And if you were him?

Plot: a migrant enters the waiting room of a medical center. Several people are sitting on the chairs waiting their turns. His attitude is kind. Entering the room he says good morning to everybody but nobody answers. People ignore him at all. There is only one freee chair and the black man sits down. The two people next to him move their arms and legs apart assuming an unnatural posture in order to avoid any contact with him.

Thanks to S.Croce sull’Arno Municipality and Pubblica Assistenza.
We would like to explain that all those people are actors and none of them is racist.