Jan.23d 2020 – VIRAL special guest at Microcode meeting

Giovanni Golfarini, young trainer for NKey and passionate about Erasmus+ projects, presented VIRAL for Local Communities at the meeting of the “Migracode” project, organized in Milan at the AICA headquarters from 22 to 23 January 2020.

MigraCode is a project supported by Open Cultural Center -Spain, Social Hackers Academy and Open Culture Center– Greece and AICA and IFOA – Italy whose goal is to create “Coding Schools” that promote free training courses, in the context of Web Editing, to facilitate the insertion of young migrants and refugees into the job market and therefore support their long-term integration. Migracode is an Erasmus+ project within the European programme of Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices-KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for youth- Pr. N: 2018-3-ES02-KA205-012299

MigraCode intends to create a European network of programming schools thanks to the cooperation of various non-profit organizations. The project promotes the integration of labor and social inclusion of young refugees and migrants by supporting them first of all by developing advanced programming skills, then linking them to the labor market, thereby supporting their long-term integration.

NKey, as leader of the VIRAL project, was one of the  organizations invited to present their project to the Migracode partners precisely by virtue of the interest aroused by the innovative nature of the proposal to introduce virtual reality as an instrument of intercultural and educational development .

In addition to VIRAL, other organizations presented their projects: “The Child up project” introduced by Claudio Baraldi of the Department of Linguistic and Cultural Studies of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia  http://www.international.unimore.it/ , “Studiare migrando” by Giovanni Fulantelli researcher at the ITD – Institute for Educational Technologies of the CNR, all the projects carried out by Informatics without Borders and Borders none (Croatia)  who presented the guidelines of the Migracode2 project which will start in these weeks.

An important opportunity fr VIRAl to broaden its horizons  and start creating a network of contacts for the dissemination of the intellectual product, the so-called Cross Cultural Tool Box.

Our special thanks to Pierfranco Ravotto of AICA who invited us to the meeting.