Atene HIGGS – TPM2 December 19 2019

The second transnational meeting was certainly the most intense and important moment for the VIRAL project. After a year of research and experimentation on virtual reality in adult education, it was fundamental to take stock and decide together with the partners the next steps. The functional headquarters of HIGGS organized the work day with availability and professionalism. HIGGS – High Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability is an incubator that helps and supports non-profit organizations operating in Greece. For some partners this meeting was an opportunity to visit the structure and get to know all the staff. Experts were able to logistically plan the realization of the subsequent LTT mobility on the spot, which will involve the learners in addition to the teachers in the month of April 2020. At the center of the meeting were the speeches by Borbala Samu of the University of Perugia who illustrated the main theories of the “dialogic” approach applied to intercultural communication as well as the result of research on focus groups organized in the various countries highlighting the need to work on interculturality with “non-violent” methodologies, and that of Kamila Kaminska of the University of Wroclaw who put to set the guidelines for the use of the various VR video units by future users. NKey as coordinator of the project as well as technological partner, illustrated the first draft of the completion of the website with the TOOLBOX section inviting the other partners to comment on both the graphic aspect and above all the content. The participants leave Athens after an intense day of work giving themselves an appointment for the next meeting to be held again in Greece at the end of April.