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Contatti:Daniel Petre
Indirizzo:Ramnicu Valcea

Founded in 2005 by persons with strong experience both in project management and adult’s education field, Pro Xpert Association is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of the local community and to the Romanian Society’s synchronisation with the European Society by offering technical assistance in several fields such as ICT, communication and partnership between public institutions and civil society, strategic planning, environment etc.
Some of our most important objectives are: creating, assessment and certifying of professional skills in IT and foreign languages fields as well as consolidating the human resources potential according to the European Union’s standards; supporting the continuous education of all people.
Since its establishment Pro Xpert Association has organized over 250 training sessions, seminars, workshops and other public interest events related to education, continuous training, European integration, decision making participation and civic issues as human rights, European Citizenship, European Values, methodology of the election process. Pro Xpert has a professional staff, with extensive experience and expertise in adult education, especially in ITC field and European issues. We have also co-operated in local projects focused on citizens’ involving in decision-making process, parents’ education and environmental education issues.
In 2008 we improved your range of activities by involving as partner in three projects in the framework of Phare Programme – Human Resources Development. Two of them were dealing with marginalized groups at risk of social exclusion: Roma people and unemployed people from rural areas. We organised training sessions in self development issues aiming to improve their access to jobs market and occupational equal opportunities promotion.
Not at least, Pro Xpert Association has a particular focus on informal education for different categories of persons, young, adults and seniors. This concern comes from our main aim: human resources development – one of our objectives being to support the continuous education of all people. In this respect we already gain an important experience in informal adult education projects – we finished four Gruntvig Partnerships, four Grundtvig Workshops, three Senior Volunteers Exchanges and two Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships. We also developed a Youth in Action TC focused on environmental issues and four Erasmus + for youth (that included 3 exchanges and 2 trainings for youth workers). Now we coordinate a KA2 for adult education, we are partner in two other KA2 (one for adults and one for youth)
Related to experience with groups who have specific needs, we are usually working with persons at risk of social exclusion from rural areas – unemployed, families with high level of poverty; persons with disabilities or with other special needs and ethnic minorities – Roma people. In many cases our beneficiaries belong to two or more categories, for example: Roma unemployed persons, people with disabilities and with a high level of poverty etc. – and in these cases the low level of self esteem grows inverse proportional with the level of welfare and formal education and, at a certain level, a really “vicious circle” appear – where poverty diminish the level of self confidence and self esteem and the low level of self esteem cancels any step toward improving the welfare level. We have focused on increasing self confidence and self esteem of these persons by training sessions in self development issues aiming to improve their access to jobs market and occupational equal opportunities promotion.

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